SPL II: A Time for Consequences

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This review may contain spoilers.

i'm sorry. in the past, i did something bad.

disparate images come together in a redemptive moment, when the dam breaks and doing what's right becomes as essential to being as breathing -- and it's raining, and the bus comes through the wall, and the song that plays shapes the form into a desperate yearning to survive, to keep living. melodrama elevated beyond its constraints as characters reflect their environment as much as they reflect the themes: this is a film that cares so deeply about set-ups: the jail, the garage & the hospital; the imagery of it all and the trajectories of those images: of a phone, a tie, & a little girl's mask. how the characters themselves reflect shifting dichotomies: life and death, poverty and power. the prison warden and his authority, his wealth and posture as he flies up the wall and dismantles people effortlessly. every character is either trying to survive or struggling to help someone survive, and that balance is everything here. even ah-zai, a henchman 'boss', gets elevated in how he's taken down: broken apart, no cuts or shots, his defeat a direct answer to his only other sequence, in which he decimates a squad of policemen single handedly with his knives.

i mean, the little girl sa, she's literally talking through images.

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