Man of Steel

Man of Steel ★★★★★

welcome to the planet.

used to have some doubt about this one after the initial viewing. but there was just too much crying on my part today. the way that clark develops his vision first, as a type of hypersensitivity. the idea that he's too open to the world and has to dull his senses to be able to cope with it. and its through others and their little graces that he can maintain the facade. how much of this film is just parents hoping for the best for their child against insurmountable pressures? and all the little things about clark. how he stands just off the porch and calls to his mother even though there's a truck embedded in the roof. i'd love for an extended cut that just gives us more of that.

i am unsure if i'll ever be on board for more than this but this is probably enough.

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