these kind of films are always so nerve-wracking for me. i watch them at a snail's pace, i pace around. this is not a demanding film is this regard -- there are others far more unbearable. but the tension nonetheless makes it hard to breathe, the possibility space nearly endless, the tangible infinite beyond each and every interaction. but most films, including this one, give me the tools towards relief. to reconcile the events in an appropriate space. these manufactured spaces with which to engage! this is no more subtle than snowpiercer or even US for that matter, but peele's second feature feels far more ambitious than this familial type of play. parasite is a film that asks you to engage with the obvious, a response to the responses to any notion of class consciousness. it's a plea for fantasies again, and the cycle repeats. a dream born out of grace, born out of violence. the past is dead, but story is still alive.

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