The Favourite

The Favourite

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This review may contain spoilers.

messy enough that it's a bit interesting, but sterile enough for the academy. i am reminded homoeroticism /=/ homosexuality; josiah morgan's review for this is compelling, because i do not see nor feel the queerness that they do. i do not feel the desire to create the introspective space to diffuse binaries and explore the contrasts there-of. and doesn't the utilization of the brothel weisz finds herself in the best acknowledgement of this? the facade collapses, and reveals sex (in the view of the film) as the intersection of power and wealth (that, to me, is one of its possible performances). the most important failure in this film beyond the aforementioned is the unnecessary sequence in which emma stone softly squishes a bunny -- it is work only done for the ending climax, to emphasize that in fact emma stone has found herself in the historically heterosexual role: a woman othered, and dominated, to satisfy the alienated needs of someone she can't possibly understand. after all, what do the bunnies signify?

but i do think about the sequence in which weisz burns the letters, mentions the letters, and i see the potential there -- but the form of the film, the direction of the narrative, is not interested in the space there itself. it is only interested in the unravel.

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