Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66

Vinnie Gallo is a self-obessed narcissist, there’s no denying that. There’s also no denying that he’s a vigiliant asshole who says dumb things. But cinema is no stranger to assholes. Hell a decent amount of the best directors were monsters, and then doesn’t prevent us from appreciating their fantastic work. So why should they be any different from ol’ uncle Vinnie? 

It is difficult to seperate Buffalo ‘66 from it’s creator. By casting himself in the lead role and making him such a dick and giving him a girl that “understands” him and his struggles, it’s clear that Gallo is living out some fantasy through the movie. Now many of my favorite films are about much worse assholes like Raging Bull and Bad Lieutenant. But in those films the character’s flaws are put in the spotlight and we aren’t meant to be entirely sympathetic even though it shows their side of the story. That’s not the case in Buffalo ‘66, which makes it more difficult to appreciate. 

But does that mean that it’s bad? No. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Buffalo ‘66 is so good it gave me chills. Gallo has masterful control over every single frame and every single actor. Nothing is out of place or off, every shot, every prop, every gesture is exactly what it needs to be. I can hardly believe it. So few films are this tight. Not one thing could make it better. It’s a movie that hit me at my very core.

So I guess I’m not sure how I feel about this one. A rewatch is definitely required before I can give it a rating.

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