A Brighter Summer Day

A Brighter Summer Day ★★★★★

Fuck... It's nearly 4 am, and I am so overcome with emotion.

Edward Yang has created a masterpiece in A Brighter Summer Day. This 4 hour epic is a coming of age film that resonates deeper than anything that Hollywood has ever put out. This film is a fucking masterpiece of cinema that blends together a story of growing up in 1960s Taiwan, themes of political tensions between Taiwan and China, immigration, family, young love, and gang culture. In its heavy subject matter and very long runtime, Yang still manages to keep to film down to earth. This is definitely helped by probably the best teenage onscreen acting I have ever seen.

In my opinion, A Brighter Summer Day is one of those few perfect movies and will definitely be a favorite and be one to re-watch over and over again.

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