Ten Years

Ten Years ★★★★

Growing up in Hong Kong as a half Hong Kong-nese, half Filipino kid who's first language is English, I never felt connected to the idea of a local Hong Kong identity and its importance. However, as I neared the end of my high school education and as the Umbrella Movement started to pick up steam, I began to realize how important Hong Kong was to my identity, even if I was not in the same situation of many local Hong Kong people.

Ten Years is a collection of 5 short films directed by young, up and coming directors that depict different aspects and ideas of what a Hong Kong in 2025 would be. The shorts all deal with ideas of PRC’s encroachment on traditional Hong Kong values and ideals. The film was a big commercial success in Hong Kong and was banned in China.

While Ten Years is by far not a perfect film, its an important film. It’s a big reminder, especially to a student abroad like me, that Hong Kong issues need to be paid attention to. Imagining a future of a place so uncertain of its own future is tough, and in my opinion a couple of the shorts (the first two), failed in holding interest. However, the 3 shorts that closed out Ten Years were extremely interesting and well thought out. It may seem preachy and propagandistic at times, but Ten Years is something that I haven’t seen in a long time from Hong Kong cinema. These directors made films that are reflective of important, current, Hong Kong issues. I hope that this will give rise to a new wave of Hong Kong films, especially at a critical time in Hong Kong history.

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