Big Top Pee-wee ★★★

Randal Kleiser did a pretty good job in carrying over Tim Burton's style and flair. In this installment of Pee-wee Herman. We find ourselves on his farm, where he has all of the classic farm animals and even a talking pig named Vance. Pee-wee goes to town to meet his fiancé, Winnie (Penelope Ann Miller) for lunch. The townsfolk are all curmudgeonly and dislike Pee-wee. When lunch is over, Pee-wee and Vance notice a storm picking up. Since nobody likes Pee-wee, he is forced to run home where he barely gets his animals safe before the storm hits. When the storm ends and Pee-wee exits his storm shelter, he notices that an entire circus is sprawled across his farm. Mace Montana (Kris Kristofferson) is the ring leader and needs to use Pee-wee's farm to fix the damage. They plan on performing for the town later that night. After everything is fixed, the circus and Pee-wee go into town to put on the show. The nasty, mean townsfolk tell the circus that they are uninterested and that they want them to leave. The circus turns around and Pee-wee invites them to stay for a while. Mace accepts and the circus takes a vacation on Pee-wee's farm. This is bad for Pee-wee's relationship with Winnie, because he meets Gina (Valeria Golino) the acrobat. The two fall in love, but Winnie isn't broken hearted forever as she meets Gina's brothers. This film is fun for kids or Pee-wee enthusiasts, if there are any? It's not a bad film and it has some funny moments with some interesting characters.