Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★

I've loved this film for quite some time and not only do I love it because John Carpenter directed it, but it's just a crazy fucking film. It's total screwball comedy and many things make no sense, but that's on purpose. Big Trouble In Little China is not your run-of-the-mill action flick either, even though Kurt Russell stars in it during his glory days. It's more like Tango & Cash on acid and hey, that's fine by me. Carpenter takes this comic book-esque story and turns it into the memorable, cinematic attraction that we know today, but most would never think that this was a Carpenter film. It's so different from anything he's ever done and a lot of his tells vanished within the production and there's only a few indicators that relay to the viewer that it is one of his movies. The feature is shot in typical, 80's fashion as it resembles many great partnership action flicks of the times like Black Rain, 48 Hours, Running Scared and so on. The action element is straightforward, but then there are tremendous paranormal, mystical and comedic layers added giving the film dynamics and depth. It's just a fun time that's accentuated by unconventional writing and a super cast!

Wang Chi (Dennis Dun) and Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) are great friends as Jack is a truck driver and Wang owns a restaurant in China Town of San Francisco, California. Jack and Wang meet up in China Town to shoot the shit and gamble a bit. Wang owes Jack a good chunk of dough, but needs to go to the airport to pick up someone of importance to him. Jack offers to drive Wang and on the way Wang tells him that they're going to pick up his fiancée, Miao Yin (Suzee Pai) who in fact has brilliant, green eyes. When they arrive and they're waiting for Miao, Jack meets lawyer, Gracie Law (Kim Cattrall) who strikes up a conversation with him, but then members of a Chinese street gang show up and kidnap Miao. Wang tries to rescue her, but the gang escapes with the green-eyed beauty in hand. Wang explains to Jack and Gracie that an evil, powerful sorcerer named David Lo Pan (James Hong) was cursed two thousand years ago to exist without a body and in order to become physical again, he must marry a woman with green eyes. This is where Miao comes into play. Jack, Wang and Gracie team up along with a few of Wang's friends to come up with a master plan in order to release Miao from Lo Pan's powerful grip. The group descends into the dark underworld of China Town where Gracie and Jack will awake to the ancient Chinese folklore that is full of monsters, magicians and a lot of martial arts.

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