Geostorm ★½

Geostorm was not how I thought it would be, because I went in thinking that it was a straight disaster flick, you know, because of the trailers and whatnot. It has disastrous sequences, but the film is more of a science-fiction model with a tinge of drama threaded through. I'm not much for Butler, but I can say whole-heartedly that he was not the issue with this film and that he actually gave a good performance. Geostorm is also a whodunit and that aspect totally caught me off guard. With all of these surprises, it still didn't help the fact that the movie was relatively flat. I can say nothing negative about the amazing effects and graphics detail, because they were impeccable. The main issue I had was it's transparency and predictability. I also thought the trailers were misleading and I didn't necessarily care for the ending either. Great character involvement, effects and action sequences make up the positive attributes.

The Dutch Boy conglomerate are a series of satellites manipulated by a central space station hub that controls the Earth's climate. The Earth was experiencing drastic, threatening changes, so Dutch Boy was created by a pair of brothers, Jake (Gerald Butler) and Max (Jim Sturgess) Lawson. Jake was the physical developer of Dutch Boy while Max took charge of the politics and between them they saved the world from disaster. The project is actually a joint venture between every nation on the globe with the US maintaining the majority of control. That will change in two weeks when Dutch Boy is handed over to the world's nations evenly. This action is a stressful one for the US and the president (Andy Garcia), because it's an election year, but it's also power. This fact is proven however when someone takes control of Dutch Boy and uses it to create deadly weather and a countdown to global catastrophe ending in a storm of epic proportion called a geostorm. The brothers will have to fight against time as Jake heads for space and Max stays on Earth to facilitate. Overriding Dutch Boy is only half the problem, as the other half is catching the person who's using Dutch Boy as a murder weapon and that won't be easy.

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