The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★

Every time I rewatch this I remember that Martin Scorsese is likely be the last of his generations filmmakers who could have his best film ahead of him and how it echoes in the story itself with De Niro and Pacino friendship onscreen that will always lead to this betrayal that is so played down like Marty's style has become as he has mellowed and aged with more confidence in his shot list and his framing that he doesn't want to cut off the last few milliseconds of hands reaching at a gunman's smoking pistol or a door ajar looking in at an old man waiting to be hit or worse, he took his iconic history in a genre with his greatest collaborators and made a thoughtful, still fresh and compelling gangster film that takes a first step in giving twilight actors a chance to use the fountain of youth as story telling device instead of just tricky gimmick.