Housebound ★★★★

In an alternative reality, HOUSEBOUND could easily be given the title as the “unofficial” sequel to 1986’s George Wendt horror/comedy HOUSE. But, in our reality, this New Zealand film proudly announces its originality and provides audiences with a unique, creative, one-could-say classic romp into the world of the haunted house genre. With a bold cast of unknowns to American audiences, HOUSEBOUND offers great scares, genuine laughs, and the best use of the old “HELLOMOTO” ringtone in recent horror films. HOUSEBOUND is a scary movie, plenty of times I could be witnessed with my hands covering my eyes for fear of what was coming around the bend. The story is strong, the house is big and spooky, and the supplemental characters round out this near-perfect film. Easily one of my favorites from 2014, HOUSEBOUND should be hunted down this Halloween for horror enthusiasts, but also I can easily see this film making its way into the cult horror genre, like Peter Jackson’s BRAINDEAD or even like his THE FRIGHTENERS. Look for strong performances by not only our lead Morgana O'Reilly who plays the housebound Kylie, but also Rima Te Wiata who plays Kylie’s mother and is the breakout performance from this feature. HOUSEBOUND doesn’t try to redefine the genre, but what makes it unique is the way that pays homage to other great films like POLTERGUIEST or THE CHANGELING. This is a must-see for this Halloween, and I applaud the strong production value and immensely fun time I had at the theater to Gerard Johnstone and his entire crew of HOUSEBOUND.

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