Kung Fu Elliot ★★★★

Watched with as a Double Feature with SKANKS, ELLIOT (or KUNG FU ELLIOT) was my big surprise of the Sunday screening. Coming off a very funny film like SKANKS, KUNG FU ELLIOT began at a much slower pace. Introduced to the trailer, I was expecting an AMERICAN MOVIE-esque experience, but honestly, nothing can quite prepare you for the life of Elliot 'White Lightening' Scott.

Elliot leads a trend-setting lifestyle. He makes movies. He travels to China. He is adored by women. He stops potential trouble on buses. He has great friends. He loves movies. He has worked with Jackie Chan. He loves oil massages. He believes women don't love jewelry. He knows the right back alleys to travel. He always comes prepared with a leather cat suit.


Is this true?

KUNG FU ELLIOT explores not only the story of Elliot, but also the struggles of delusion, the difficulty of dreaming, and the pains of actually finishing a project. ELLIOT makes you wonder if the directors knew what they were discovering as they began this project. It requires multiple viewings. Like the trailer, do not be fooled by ELLIOT. There is a point during this documentary that quickly changes the tone and the preconceived notions of who we believe this man to be. Like KING OF KONG's Billy Mitchell, a dark shadow emerges from the pit, and the focus erupts nearly out of the screen. It was the most talked about film (maybe not the most enjoyed) from our SLAMDANCE double feature. I can't wait to explore this film even further.

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