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  • Instant Family

    Instant Family

    This movie is all over the fucking place yet somehow Margo Martindale plays every moment perfectly, honestly genuinely nominate her for an Oscar for this, what planet is she from?

  • The Old Man & the Gun

    The Old Man & the Gun


    A stirring examination of how trying to be a legend makes being a human being that much harder. Good lord does Redford make being a legend look good, but Spacek does even better on the grounded side.
    There’s an image here, one that I thought would close the film (and maybe should have?), that might be my favorite image of the year in film. Still trying to fully reconcile what happens after that image with the stunning hour or so…

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  • The Cloverfield Paradox

    The Cloverfield Paradox

    The Cloverfield series was my personal Star Wars. This is my prequel trilogy.

  • Everybody Wants Some!!

    Everybody Wants Some!!


    Watching this already feels like returning to an old favorite. I think Linklater's true skill is making everything feel like the precipice of something else, the transitions in life captured as unassuming moments.