Gremlins ★★★★

This movie actually scared me as a kid. The neighbors being run over by a bulldozer, the chairlift throwing an elderly woman out the window! I think I preferred the second one, because of the female Gremlin, but

This movie is a lot of fun. I love watching tentpole films from a bygone era. It's manic and cruel but always hilarious. In many ways, with the Gremlins running amuk and with Kate's story about her dad (which is so dumb) the movie feels like an anti-Christmas movie for those Christmas haters everywhere begrudgingly celebrating the holiday with their family.

The puppetry/animatronics are still wonderful. Gizmo very much feels alive. I think he still gives Baby Yoda a run for her money. The charm is still very pure but damn, these little demons are so mean. Certain set pieces always stick with me - Snow white at the movies, the department store and bulldozer scene. Gremlins has aged pretty well considering what we often still look for in blockbuster films. Exciting action, violence, pathos and laughs. It's timeless Americana.

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