Parasite ★★★

Working class people hurting other working class people in order to gain access to what the rich take for granted every day.

I thought I would like this more, but I did appreciate its complexity in narration and moral ambiguity. Sometimes the protagonists act in monstrous ways and I loved it. Sometimes I thought it was shameful and felt bad for the upper class family, especially the mom. I felt Bong Joon-Ho suggested poverty is what made this family act the way they did.

I really liked how their bad parenting was framed as letting their son do what he wanted. He was a "genius" he wanted to sleep outside. Their lack of discipline or care was infuriating!

Parasite didn't stay with me the way I expected it to. I think more than anything, I will remember some of the shot compositions and how that helped create the world. The window looking out to the street above and the apartment below. The roads in the street heading down as the family scurries back to "where they belonged." The Morse code light from a wintery hill.

The allegorical ending was also strong. Aren't we all just looking to save our parents by getting rich?

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