Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★½

There's this girl named Amanda on my Facebook who announced that she had just seen the worst movie ever. And that it was called Spring Breakers. I politely told her that it was made by Harmony Korine and even though I hadn't seen it yet, I knew she was wrong. I deleted her soon after that. She used to want to make movies.


And with Spring Breakers, Korine has made his most lucid, and spellbinding film. And greatest it must be said. What appears on the surface as a farce involving scantily clad college girls, is actually a terribly, TERRIBLY brutal social commentary on everything from pop culture to Katy Perry to Lil Wayne to Britney Spears to your parents and to you and to gender roles even. These girls are unfortunately a part of my generation. Generation excess, generation STDs, teen pregnancy and laziness. In a guttural sense, Korine takes America to task, displaying a changed perspective on the "American Dream" essentially saying its dead and feeds us a skinny white boy nicknamed Alien who the slutty bikini girls naturally fall for. He is, of course, played by James Franco. He has burned me in Oz, now he is less likable somehow as Alien, a white drug dealer who lives in a big house and steals from Spring Breaking college students. He is a pathetic excuse of a human being. Saying he's living the American Dream because he owns a mansion and has guns. Is this what we've come to? Or where we are going?

Korine does not distinguish but I must admit it could be either. The reality of the images he shows us is startling. I felt the film digging deep into my psyche, pillaging my influences and own insecurities about pop culture and its impact on our kids. About the crippling effect of drugs and violence on a social structure. Of the media as a poisonous mother. It is not by random that the characters sing not one but TWO Britney Spears songs. Is she like the new Beatles or what? Is she an anthem for little pre-sluts and drug dealers? I still can't get that rap song out of my head. Sum ting, sum ting, sum niggas, and repeat.

This movie really made me think. I can't imagine seeing a better movie this year. But I can't help but laugh at those that walked into the theater expecting anything but what they got. An incredibly abusive and negative portrait of American youth and anarchy.

"Have a nice day!" - Mick Foley

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