The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★½

I can appreciate how "of the times" this is. And i think kids will probably love it since it has typical mainstream animated movie beats. But those are everything i dislike about modern animation. It's loud, messy and desperate. It doesn't use animation in any way i can appreciate save maybe the design of the Rhombus. This coulda been a live action movie with the same story. Not built for animation in any profound way except in trying way too damn hard.

The apocalypse happens and the story and character archs.... are still about going to college and having a better relationship with your family/dad. It doesn't take the robot apocalypse gimmick seriously at all. It begins to feel like something the family is just doing for fun. It's too aware of itself.

And i couldn't buy the family dynamic. The dad and especially the mom feel like stereotypes. While the young brother lands awkwardly with the worst voice actor. Our protagonist is revealed as a lesbian rather nonchalantly in the last scene (as if it wouldn't impact her relationship with her family). Her problems with her family shown in the movie are so miniscule and not important, but they're ran into the ground. I couldn't relate.

This feels like a B animation studio's attempt at seeming relevant and hip and timely.

All that is important is that you consume media.

...... the giant furbie sequence can stay though. The movie had some bits that made me laugh but the plot relied too much on coincidence all the time.

Plus this movie makes a mockery of class. Building a cabin, selling a cabin, paying for a plane ticket for your daughter's trip to college. is this middle class?!

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