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  • Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

    Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


    A sprawling epic like the Godfather movies, Tiger King is unpredictable and ludicrous. Episodes 1-5 are a rollercoaster ride of continuous revelations about our casts of characters. Never boring, the film dips in quality in episode 6 and I think the last two installments could have been shortened and combined because this once wildly entertaining spectacle overstays its welcome.

    I think Doc, Joe and Carrole were all monsters on some level. Carrole least of all, to be honest. But It…

  • DAICON IV Opening Animation

    DAICON IV Opening Animation


    ELO's Time is one of my favorite albums. What a montage of ass-kickery and escapism. Seeing animated Darth Vader really sold it. The music brought me to tears too of course! What a wonderfully ambitious treasure this is. Ready Player One is on notice.

  • Clueless



    I needed something comforting and intelligent in this confusing, chaotic world.

    Unfortunately, I didn't want it to end :/

    Oh 90s, take me hoooooome

    to the plaaaaaaaaace IIII beloooooooooong!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 회사AUTO - Glass Ocean ||LOST BOYs||

    회사AUTO - Glass Ocean ||LOST BOYs||


    It's Boys of Summer isn't it..

  • Tremors 3: Back to Perfection

    Tremors 3: Back to Perfection


    My favorite movie about flatulent murder geese

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Drop Dead Gorgeous




  • Model Citizen

    Model Citizen


    Heavy Handed but I like how it's mostly just a montage. Repetitious like an advert.

  • Life Is Flashing Before Your Eyes

    Life Is Flashing Before Your Eyes


    My 1000th log on Letterboxd. Pretty fucking appropriate

  • Dry Run

    Dry Run


    Very gorgeous design of the creature. A mixture of visual ideas - rainbow scales and polka dots!? A cute idea, I love how the cop was just a big angry face on a police car. My favorite Colgrave so far!!

  • The Elephant's Garden

    The Elephant's Garden


    I guess it is meant to feel holistic but I thought it felt like disconnected ideas and scenarios. Still beautiful. But not for me.

  • Life Is Flashing Before Your Eyes

    Life Is Flashing Before Your Eyes


    Simply gets better every time.

  • The Lizard of OZ

    The Lizard of OZ


    Toto is a tank and that's the least weird thing about this one.