Vincent Winther

A formalist at heart.
BA in media & film studies. 
Film enthusiast and artist.

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  • Persona
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  • Mirror
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  • Satantango



    Trembling at the silence at night,
    scorching flames of red and yellow,
    cold turns warm turns piercing,
    from my back that now is burning.
    Tears wander the hills of my face,
    as night becomes devoid of meaning,
    following the path of things now gone,
    collapsed into endlessness.

    Sátántangó (1994) written by László Krasznahorkai and based on his book of the same name from 1985.

    Few films reach the level of craftsmanship as Sátántangó. Béla Tarr achieved in making a seven-and-a-half-hour-long…

  • Persona



    Persona (1966) is one of the greatest pieces of film art ever made and my all-time favourite film. 

    Persona is Ingmar Bergman's highest artistic achievement and that says a lot, for Bergman, is the man who gave the world such masterpieces as Det Sjunde Inseglet (1957), Smultronstället (1957), Viskningar och rop (1972), Fanny och Alexander (1982) among many others.

    The opening sequence of Persona is a work of art in and of itself; surreal, energetic, and mysterious. The whole of the movie is contained…

Recent reviews

  • Napoleon



    Abel Gance’s epic depiction of Napoléon Bonaparte's rise to power. Napoléon (1927), is a film built from energy and emotion.

    Gance has always been one to challenge conventions and disrupt technique. When composition fails, movement takes over, and when movement falters, pace excels.

    Feelings, experience, and thought reach at you from within the image, to pull you in, shouting at you from the depth of silence. 

    The film, not to be contained in a small rectangle, stretches out in all…

  • Rashomon



    If men don't trust each other, this earth might as well be hell.

    Akira Kurosawa's Rashōmon (1950), is a film exploring the elusiveness of truth through a retelling of the same event multiple times and from different characters presented by witnesses of the event in court.

    Rashōmon challenges the idea that there is a single, objective reality, and instead suggests that truth is an ever-changing concept. As truth transforms into lies.

    But it's because men are weak that they lie,…

Popular reviews

  • Wild Strawberries

    Wild Strawberries


    Clocks without hands, time standing still,
    trapped alone, the mind falling ill.
    Cold clammy hands, Death reaching for you,
    no way out, no chance to undo.

    Victor Sjöström's last great role and a love letter from Ingmar Bergman who has cited Sjöström as being one of his biggest influences. Sjöström's most well-known film probably is Körkarlen (1921) of which Bergman also has declared his favorite film. 

    Isak Borg (Victor Sjöstrom) who used to be a respected doctor has now become…

  • Stalker



    Сталкер (Stalker) is probably Andrei Tarkovsky’s most popular work. More accessible than Зеркало (1975) but more abstract than Иваново детство (1962).

    Сталкер explores themes of faith, meaning, art, and the relation between people. With Сталкер, Tarkovsky makes what’s essentially a science fiction film, but Сталкер is more than that. Сталкер is an existential piece of art. 

    Сталкер is a meditative experience. Long sequences, monologues, ambient sounds, and music... sequences of dreams and memories gliding slowly through time. 

    In Сталкер nature has…