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  • Asako I & II

    Asako I & II


    Asako-san lived in a limbo most of her life, dreaming of ways of might and could. Always hopeful for a promise made to her.

    It's hard not to fault Asako-san for hoping and for dreaming. It's what makes her go on. It's what makes her—her.

    I still love you Asako-chan. Even if I weren't the man you wanted or needed. Jinta needs you as I need you. Like lungs needed air to fill it up, my heart is full. I may not trust you, but I still love you.

  • Tokyo Idols

    Tokyo Idols


    It's hard to judge the culture of idols in Japan without looking at it historically in terms of women’s role in their society and observe how men around the world treat women. By looking at it at a deeper level, Japan has taken it at a ridiculous level. For them, it's normal. The world they inhabit is built for fulfilling men’s fantasy and less about what Japanese women want.

    Most society in the world prized women's purity in terms of…

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  • Evolution of a Filipino Family

    Evolution of a Filipino Family


    My mom used to say that life at the time of Martial Law was peaceful at the most. Life was prosperous. But despite that, there are nuggets of stories from her that cast darkness from the stories she often tells. I grew up in a small barrio up North of Luzon. The stories of the families portrayed in the film are close and real for me. They are part of me growing up as I toil in our farm and…

  • Kuro



    Meditative. Like looking at someone else’s dream while dreaming of it. A must for fans of Chris Marker.

    Also fave quote: “Asians are easy to kiss because they have flat noses.”