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  • Nobody's Daughter Haewon

    Nobody's Daughter Haewon


    Nobody’s Daughter Haewon made a great companion piece with my dream last night. Like in Hong Sang-Soo’s movies, I am having an affair with a woman I used to like in the past. I no longer remember her name, just a face that felt like it was tacked on when I woke up. She's probably a different girl than the one in my dream, only that I kind of knew her in the past. She was a bit younger and…

  • Evolution of a Filipino Family

    Evolution of a Filipino Family


    My mom used to say that life at the time of Martial Law was peaceful at the most. Life was prosperous. But despite that, there are nuggets of stories from her that cast darkness from the stories she often tells. I grew up in a small barrio up North of Luzon. The stories of the families portrayed in the film are close and real for me. They are part of me growing up as I toil in our farm and…

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  • Extraction



    Cool story, bro.

  • Classic Again

    Classic Again


    I love the original South Korean film; this film was adapted too. Some of the scenes were shot-per-shot recreated. Some of the romantic scenes didn't feel like it earned it as compared to the original. And some parts were left out; its context was left meaningless like how the boy would play with the light outside the gate. The ending pay-off felt forced too.

    I know original The Classic wasn't perfect either, but the emotional scene hits you at the…

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  • Us



    Let me tell you a story first. A  tale  about doppelgänger. This is a true story. It’s about my experience. It’s simple and kind of uneventful.

    They say malevolent spirits emerge in places that are experiencing negative sentiments by its inhabitants. At the time, the economy was down, and it affected our company the most. Due to that we had three sightings of doppelgänger in my old workplace. I was there to experience it two out of three (well kind…

  • The Tatami Galaxy

    The Tatami Galaxy


    A 4.5 tatami is the perfect square room for reflection, so stop chasing a rose-colored life and start living.