The Book of Life ★★★★

Enjoyed this a lot! Visually stunning and very unique. The plot was snarkily subversive of its own tropes, avoided whitewashing and was respectful of its origins in Mexican culture. Nuanced depiction of the expectations placed on those growing up in a multicultural world, and how the weight of tradition can be both a blessing and a curse.

I didn't even have to turn off my "feminist brain" for this one -- not only did it pointedly critique the women-as-damsels/women-as-property tropes, but there was some very overt criticism of the performance of masculinity, and how the expectation of macho behavior is harmful and limiting to men who don't fit into that mold.

I also really appreciate a love triangle where the friendships (between the two men, as well as the woman's with each man) seem real and are stronger than the rivalry. The story doesn't take the easy way out of making anyone into a villain.