Office Space

Office Space ★★★★½

"Ummm, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and watch this movie immediately if you haven't already. So if you could maybe rent it or find it on a streaming service somewhere that'd be great, mmmkay?"

I'm kicking myself for not watching this when I was younger, but I also know that I would not have appreciated it the same way I do now that I've spent some time in corporate culture.

Iconic line after iconic line delivered by iconic character after iconic character in iconic scene after iconic scene. Incredibly tapped in to the zeitgeist of the late 90's and incredibly relatable to this day.

I laughed out loud multiple times, which rarely ever happens when I watch a comedy by myself.

Watched the DVD on my new 4K player, and with the upscaling it looked as clear as a Blu-Ray. Mia and I were both very disappointed in the quality of the last DVD we watched on the big tv, and it put a pretty bad taste in our mouths on the format from that point forward. This may have been the breath mint I needed to get that taste out of my mouth. Now I finally have a reason to work through my vast collection of DVD's I've picked up at various thrift stores over the years.

My only complaint is that there wasn't enough Lumbergh.

Seriously though, fuck that printer.

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