2 Guns ★★

How many times can characters be double-crossed? How many competing motivations, standoffs, and witty jabs can be shoved into 109 minutes? How many hats can Denzel wear?

The best thing about this film is the love/hate relationship between the two protagonists, with blurred lines of trust and some mildly interesting back-and-forth dialogue. That's mostly on the shoulders of Wahlberg's performance - he's got a childish charm that is somehow endearing, let's be honest. But otherwise, there's not much here. It's a convoluted plot that's ham-fisted to give us enough shootouts that keep us pre-occupied, but it's not enough to overlook the markedly banal performances of a too-large cast.

I didn't realize that this story was based on a graphic novel series, but that shouldn't be a surprise. Baltasar Kormákur does his best Michael Bay impression in the director seat, and it's a competent one, but it's not enough to elevate this to the levels of more enjoyable action fare.

In short: 2 Guns is worth fewer words.