Aningaaq ★★★

This Gravity "spin-off" came out alongside an announcement of its Academy Award contention. Surely that's a long-shot, and despite how much I enjoyed this, I really don't think it deserves to be placed so highly on the mantle. For one, it certainly doesn't stand on its own - it's a companion piece serving to augment a pivotal scene in Gravity - but an independently rewarding piece of cinema it is not.

Conceptually it's a brilliant idea, showing the other side of what we understand was an intimate conversation involving Sandra Bullock's character, but the narrative here is pretty shallow and the performances and motivations are on the light side.

The success of this moment in Gravity's narrative was to provide levity and a human connection during a bleak point in the story. So it's interesting to uncover how, back on solid ground, even a relatively happy moment such as this is not without its own struggles. It's a counterpoint to the situation unfolding beyond the atmosphere, but it's also not without a thread of poetic comparison.

If you enjoyed Gravity, you'll surely understand how special this addendum is. For everyone else this isn't likely to be compelling - which is why it's not worth lauding without its original context.