Are You Here ★★

What seems to begin as a stoner road trip comedy – essentially, the type of film I was happy to be watching – abruptly changes gears and becomes a saccharine and moral-heavy essay on detachment. The problem? It doesn't know what gear it wants to be in, and burns out the clutch trying to find it. That's a shame, because Owen Wilson puts in what might be his best performance in recent years, but the film is so sloppily put together that he might has well have phoned it in again.

The score is cloying and takes away more than it adds, while the bulk of the production is on par with an indie release, and not up to the standards of an Emmy-nominated producer (Matthew Weiner). Amy Poehler is severely underused, and Zach Galifianakis' character-driven turn in the final act is more heavy-handed than it is poetic. In the end, Are You Here doesn't seem to know what it's trying to say, but I'm not even confident it would know how to say it if it did.