District 9 ★★★★

Holy crap. This film still stands up 4 years later, and I actually enjoyed it a lot more on this, my third, viewing (garnering it an extra half-star to my original rating) than I expected to. District 9 is an insanely well-realized world to return to, and I find more details and layers upon each viewing.

Blomkamp has created a true roller-coaster ride, and a beautiful, terrible vision of the future. As Sharlto Copley's first feature performance, it's incredible to see him as deeply nuanced and powerful onscreen as he is in his more recent works. That he is this good, right out of the gate, is staggering. The film's major weakness is actually its lack of compelling support talent, so Copely's Wikus is a double-edged sword - he elevates the film (which essentially hinges on his performance) but in so doing also cuts a wide wake that the rest of the cast can't possibly fill.

All in all, I think this may be one of the few action flicks that I will return to every few years whenever I feel I need a little excitement.