Foxcatcher ★★★★½

Dripping with all of the brooding darkness and sinister undertones we come to expect from a Fincher film (but without the idiosyncrasies of his score, of course), Foxcatcher is a truly creepy true crime story about a billionaire sociopath with mommy issues and his obsession with wrestling. If that summary doesn’t hook you, I don’t know what will.

Ruffalo, as expected, delivers a solid performance, as does Tatum in what might be his most challenging role to date. But it’s Carrell’s portrayal of John “Eagle" du Pont that easily steals the show. His transformation into du Pont is more than cosmetic, effusing both awkward introversion and disturbing purpose in equal measure.

Foxcatcher is beautifully shot and manages to tread carefully around a few difficult moments, allowing the suggested to be just as impactful as the known. It's between the lines and under the surface that the sinister nature of this tragedy lives.