Side Effects ★★★★

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Soderbergh is back in full form. I went into this movie without having heard or seen much about it, and was happily surprised by what was an original thriller, with some great performances.

Pros: Rooney Mara is wonderful as Emily and truly captures the darkness and lethargy of an internally tormented soul desperate for help. Jude Law is impressive as her doctor barely holding it together, a return to form for him as well after a run of mediocre roles. The storyline takes some twists and turns to create a fairly unique and unpredictable thriller.

Cons: Although Channing Tatum grew on me in 21 Jump Street, his acting chops don't seem fully-formed here, although fortunately he's not a centrepiece in this film. Catherine Zeta-Jones is easily the weakest link, her tone and demeanour throughout the film never really in sync with the gravity of any situation and undertones of the film.