Star Trek Into Darkness ★★★

Dammit, Doc! You're overacting.

I didn't like this film nearly as much as the first Abrams Trek, and with the exception of one major reveal that I (despite having zero knowledge of Star Trek Lore) really enjoyed, this new revisit to the universe played out pretty much exactly as I expected - which isn't exactly ideal.

Cumberbatch, Greenwood and Pine are well-rounded, and while some of the Enterprise crew can be excused for their eccentricities (Spock, Scotty), I found every scene featuring Urban's McCoy incredibly grating. I couldn't tell if his unnecessary camera-ham was for the purposes of Trekkies' nostalgia-boners, but in the midst of much more balanced characters (even Scotty somehow), Bones simply seems like he's part of a different – and much more terrible – movie.

The visual effects are incredibly impressive (as expected) and depictions of a primitive planet, Klingon wasteland and futuristic London are exceptionally well-envisioned. Lots of death and destruction abound, and you can naturally expect some unbelievable explosions (of several varieties) on display here, all impressively crafted.

Overall, this summer popcorn flick pretty much stays on the rails and hits all of the beats you'll expect. Despite its sometimes banal plot devices and murky character motivations, it's an entertaining ride and there's some fantastic moments sprinkled throughout. But don't expect any major new revelations or anything innovative here.

Also, slightly less lens flares.