Still Alice ★★★

Anchored by the (unsurprisingly) incredibly strong performance of Julianne Moore, Still Alice is a rather unnerving film. It's also quite unfulfilling, offering a modicum of insight into what Alice's experience must be like, but very little in terms of a compelling story arc.

Though it's satisfying to see Kristen Stewart show some vitality, and likewise see Weeds' Hunter Parrish part of a film that's not terrible (though he's not entirely useful here), the overall cast is a bit muddled. Baldwin and Bosworth have their moments, but both feel either heavy-handed or clumsy with their characters at times, ultimately detracting from the strength Moore brings to the film.

I'd really like to write more than a couple of paragraphs about any film worth reviewing, but I'm finding myself at a loss for points of discussion. The classic approach to scoring in this film? Okay. The cinematography and art direction? Meh. Wardrobe? Seriously, I can see why all anyone is talking about is Moore's performance, so let's just leave it at that.