The Heat ★★½

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This movie has hilarious moments, and further reinforces my belief that McCarthy is fantastic in a supporting role (I have yet to see proof that she can carry anything), and that Bullock has a lot more potential than her cinematic choices would lead us to believe. But this is simply not a good enough film.

The fact that it took me almost two weeks to get around to even logging this film is a testament to how boring it actually is - it's long and poorly strung together, such that even with more than competent directing and some laugh-out-loud moments, it is completely forgettable. Disposal, even. It plods along with complete lack of respect for its audience.

The whole film feels more like an exercise in punching up a script than it does in even trying to craft any sort of narrative. At no point are we as an audience worried about anything transpiring or any real danger coming upon our buddy-cop protagonists. Which means there's no tension, and no compelling reason to care what is happening. It's a dismal notion to think that hilarious (and what feels like largely un-scripted) repartee is all that holds a film like this together. It does a disservice to the talents of those onscreen who are ostensibly required to carry the film. And yet, it somehow makes this film watchable, but nowhere near worthy of recommend.