Young Frankenstein

I think my opinion of this film may be the most controversial of any film I've ever watched, given the high praises sung to me by so many people I have met throughout my life. Perhaps there's a lot of hype-bias involved, but after giving myself a week to ponder before writing this review, I think that there's something much different at work here.

I am not opposed to stopping a movie, or walking out of a theatre if so necessary, if I am not enjoying myself. But I have never completely stopped watching any film that has been highly lauded, preferring to complete the film before forming an opinion - for better or worse. That is, until now. I simply couldn't bring myself to watch another moment of this incredibly boring film. I quit halfway through.

Let me pause for a beat to say that I did laugh. There are funny moments in this film. There's some (I will stress some) clever ideas. It's everything between the bits that made me laugh that are the most incessantly boring pieces of cinema I have seen in years. This film is 75% set-up, but the other 25% is only barely delivering.

The jokes in this film come from a different era. Groan-worthy slapstick, phrase-turns and innuendos that just don't register in my brain as comedy. I am no comedy snob - I find a great deal of generally-accessible, family friendly and even dick-and-fart comedy worth watching as long as it's delivering something original and/or unexpected.

But you know how a boring stranger at a party tells you a "funny story" and you smile half-heartedly while nodding politely? Ramblings from which you are just counting the minutes until they are over and you can escape? Stranger-at-a-party jokes. Drunk uncle jokes. To me, that's this film.

And I couldn't get away quick enough.