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This review may contain spoilers.

"MONKEY PUMP"- Thomas Wake, The Lighthouse. A truly a great line in this masterpiece.

The Lighthouse is no doubt a masterpiece in my opinion. It is a strange, dark, and surprisingly funny movie and the story is great. The movie is kind of like Robert Egger's other movie, The Witch, as they're both horrifying and dark folk tales which I find very interesting.

To begin this I'd first point out that the performances in this movie are amazing and are probably my favourite of 2019. It is for sure my favourite Willem Dafoe performance and especially the best one I have watched from Robert Pattinson. These performances in my opinion should have at least got one of them nominated for best actor. The characters they play as are very well developed and are very interesting. They each get more interesting as the movie goes on and they each get more insane which also makes this whole experience unsettling and scary. The dialogue of the characters is also great and is some of the best in the last decade, especially the dialogue that comes out of Thomas Wake (played by Willem Dafoe). As I said before this movie surprisingly has great humor a lot of the jokes being fart jokes but were still funny. The setting is amazing as it takes place on an island with a lighthouse that the characters interact a lot with and effects them greatly throughout since it makes them more insane. The setting is also very well shot through its amazing cinematography, none of the shots in this movie looked bad at all, most of them or maybe all of them looked great. This movie as well has an excellent soundtrack that really brings in the mood.

In the end, I think The Lighthouse is one of the best movies I've watched and is for sure a 10/10. I fully recommend watching it or if you have, you should rewatch it.

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