Singin' in the Rain

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Original review from last April.

- My opinions haven't changed much from my original review. Though, after seeing this film more than twice, there is an element to it that stands the test of time. It might be the songs, or the choreo, or the family friendly humor. Or all all of these pieces come together into a cohesive, zing-colored, whole.

- Saw this in theatres as a part of Fathom Events TCM Big Screen Classics. The only time where seeing the film on the big screen made a difference was during the "Broadway Melody" number. It's the most seemingly non-sequitur part of the film, but it's so grandiose and epic and worthwhile.

Original Rating: 4 stars.
New Rating: 4 1/2; I could keep coming back to this film and never get too tired. I've uped the rating for critical reasons, less so for personal reasons. Idk, rating films as a critic and as a person can equate to two different numbers. Sometimes these numbers can be one and the same. I don't think I could ever put this movie on a personal Top 10 list because it doesn't speak to me about a profound, human experience. And I guess I need my films to hit me in the gut or something. Also the characters are weak and the world doesn't feel immersive (it feels more like a theme park, like if you go too far out of bounds, you just find yourself amongst some boring storage buildings.) But it's fun in a bottle, and for all of my criticisms, I can't hate such purity for so long. (My favorite musical is Hedwig and the Angry Inch, if that gives any more insight as to what I prefer.)

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