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  • Night Game

    Night Game


    July Slate 15/30
    It's fun to imagine this is what Sheriff Brody has to deal with in non-shark season.

  • Shoot The Sun Down

    Shoot The Sun Down


    July Slate 13/30

    An interminably long series of vignettes that don't really go anywhere, explain nothing, and are not particularly interesting.

    Unless a young Christopher Walken throwing knives at people appeals to you, you're probably better of skipping it.

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  • Predator 2

    Predator 2


    Never really manages to be as good as the original, but it has it's moments. I kind of feel like the actual Gary Busey, the actor, would have given the Predator a better fight than his character did though.

    Also, the Predator in this movie really feels like a classless boor. The one in the first movie was kind of Bear Grylls-ish and used his tech sparingly and tried to fight up close. This piece of shit is firing off…

  • Reaper



    Danny Trejo drowns a ghost. To death.

    Like he shoves a ghost's head under water until it stops kicking.