Favorite films

  • The Sound of Music
  • Rosemary's Baby
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Recent activity

  • Maggie's Problem

  • Flux Gourmet

  • Me and Molly

  • World of Tomorrow Episode Three: The Absent Destinations of David Prime


Recent reviews

  • Maggie's Problem

    Maggie's Problem

    i strongly identify with [gestures at half the characters in this]

  • Flux Gourmet

    Flux Gourmet

    honestly a movie made specifically for idiot artists with dietary issues who spend their days navigating everything from grant writing to the perceived inadequacy of their partners

    aka a movie made for me

Popular reviews

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    English teachers everywhere are gonna bust a nut when this hits home video because it’s an absolute wet dream of a “movie to show to my class that deals with Serious Issues in a non-confrontational and palatable way when I don’t have a lesson plan.”

  • Jackass Forever

    Jackass Forever

    i sincerely believe that jackass has done more for the queer community than any piece of gay media in the twenty-first century