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  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    Can you believe I was exploring a ton of queer art at the MoMA and fucking ended up at a 35mm screening of this fantastic goddamn movie?

  • Trans-Europ-Express



    An exercise in spontaneous story-building. A brainstorm that dives into fetish, drugs, cops and robbers, and jokes shamelessly about fiction vs vérité. Robbe-Grillet laughs along with the viewer, literally saying “it doesn’t matter” and shrugging things off.

    Also: me to Jean-Louis Trintignant circa 1966: choke me daddy

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  • Heartstone



    I wanna watch an entire movie about the artistic sister who writes poetry about death and has what I assume is the best decorated room in all of Iceland.

  • Crimson Peak

    Crimson Peak


    "It's predictable."
    Fuck you.

    "It's not scary."
    Fuck you.

    "It cares more about style than substance."
    Fuck you.

    "It loses itself in the second act."
    Fuck you.

    "It's great."
    Right on.

    A delicious blend of romantic drama and haunted house films of an era long gone, with splashes of horror from a multitude of decades. It's beautiful, melancholy, and all too enjoyable to dismiss solely based on predictability. Assuming you allow the red snow to envelop you like a good old friend, you'll have a lovely time.