Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★½

If MAMMA MIA was a delight directed by someone with next to no knack for shooting and staging and adapting an existing musical, MAMMA MIA HERE WE GO AGAIN is what you get when someone who clearly loves and watches musicals makes something that’s even more full of fun and love.

Much like the first, it’s an endless stream of joy, never feeling ashamed of the fact that it is a silly magical musical. Ol Parker (and co-writers Richard Curtis!!! and Catherine Johnson) go for broke at creating so much where there was initially so little.

Lily James is one of the most charismatic beings to ever hit the big screen and my crush on her grows with every film. Amanda Seyfried feels more natural and in tune with her character this time around and they pair beautifully together, as the film moves through time seamlessly.

If I have a complaint, it’s some minor moments of green screen, and “Under Attack” not being featured again (which is still my biggest complaint against these movies). BUT they used it as part of the score (which is so well utilized in this musical!!!) and I’m thrilled about it.

Final notes: 
I would die for Baranski and Walters, as well as the girls who play younger them. 
Josh Dylan: raw me, thanks.
Donna is canonically bisexual and no one can tell me otherwise.
“Dancing Queen” is the only slightly lackluster number because it’s a retread of MM.

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