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This review may contain spoilers.

I feel so comfortable saying I love this movie. I really do. It's riveting in a way that I didn't really expect a Star Wars film could be again after experiencing mass disappointment at Rogue One. This is at once a film that ties together a beginning and an end, but exists on its own, unforced to solely exist as a bridge between other works.

If there is a central thesis to Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, it's that there is no True Good or True Evil. There is simply balance. There is moral ambiguity. There is darkness and there is light and there are those who understand this and those who only dream of snuffing out one side over the other. Sympathy can be extended, alliances can be made, but all is temporary in the ongoing battle for balance.

If A New Hope misled the world into thinking that there were three people who were going to change the world, The Last Jedi puts out that notion and instead boldly proclaims that the true hope lies in all of us. Anyone can be a Jedi. Anyone can be a hero. Anyone can resist. And, as very Disney-ish as that sounds, it's a beautiful sight to see.

Johnson loves this universe and takes its every aspect to its fullest potential, from utilizing the force every which way he pleases to splitting a ship in one of the most gorgeous visual sequences a Star Wars movie has ever had. The way he cuts between Force Conversations is magical, the way he expands upon ideas brought into existence in not one but both trilogies of the past, the way he creates minor, but utterly unique, worlds, the way he addresses social injustices and ties them into a world that has literally ALWAYS been about social injustices and the struggles that come with it, the way he tosses aside the characters representative of True Anything But Neutral and makes jokes at their expense...just everything.

This is the Star Wars movie I could have never expected I'd receive and I'm so thrilled about it. It has made me want to exist in this universe again and I'm so thankful for that.

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