• Parasite



    Didn't know where this movie was taking me. But all the tension that developed really well over the first 1.5 hours resolved in a way I can't remember seeing in any other movie before. In a positive way.

    What stood out to me is the change of sympathy for the characters I had in some parts during different phases. There are no real antagonists for me although so much bad is happening that is originating from different people. Something special.…

  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    For me when watching this movie it was changing from time to time wether to find this a good or just an average movie. In the end it is just an average movie as the story didn't quite catch me and some elements just felt off e.g. breaking the forth wall when you've got interview sequences in between, some shots in arenas on ice.


    Because the acting stands out. All main characters have a very unique kind which I highly rate. And almost made this a 3 1/2 star rating.


  • Roma



    This movie scratches on all possible sides of relationships and the fact all these are centered around one person that doesn't seem to be the person that all relationships are centered around makes this film unique imo.

    The black and white look gave me a mood that a colored look wouldn't have. Especially in situations were the movie picked up the pace it made it feel more rough and intense. Maybe it is just me connecting seemigly "old" shots to more dramatic events in the past.

    Done. That's it. Enjoy this movie in every facette because there are many of them.