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  • Freddy vs. Jason

    Freddy vs. Jason

    Pretty sure the colorists monitor just wasn’t calibrated for at least half the scenes right?

  • Are We Not Cats

    Are We Not Cats

    Really well made and acted, but fucking gross.

  • Haunt


    Surprisingly solid

  • Red Eye

    Red Eye

    Better than I remembered, but still a pretty forgettable yet entertaining thriller.

  • First Kid

    First Kid

    I used to reference this movie a lot in terms of pulling a “First Kid” and jumping in front of a bullet, and it still holds up as a solid reference and the most violent Disney channel original

  • Cursed Films

    Cursed Films

    Some hits and misses, but the last two episodes (The Crow and Twilight Zone) make it worth a watch

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two

    I liked it more the first time I saw it.

    Great cast, film works best when they’re all together but of course there is the dumb chunk where they have to split up to find their “artifacts”. 

    Other than that it’s tonally all over the place, but still fun enough to be worth a watch.

  • Affurmative Action

    Affurmative Action

    Creative way to convey this good message, but at four minutes it already felt overlong. 

    Still real solid for a screen capture short.

  • Modern Whore

    Modern Whore

    Interesting and well made hybrid doc

  • Extraction


    Russo bro’s go to plot device must be closing down bridges.

    But this was actually pretty rad, great action throughout.

    Good entry next to Triple Frontier in Netflix’s ongoing Could be a Ghost Recon film series.

  • Devs


    Some real ups and downs, could’ve been a few episodes shorter, but in the end I enjoyed the payoff.

  • War on Everyone

    War on Everyone

    Tonally all over the place, and Caleb Landry Jones made some CHOICES in it.