Demon ★★★★

In order to free themselves from this curse, all Poles have to do is say that terrible things happened in our grandfathers’ or great-grandfathers’ generation and shed a tear over those who were killed. That’s all.
-Jan Gross

Where Aftermath turned Jan Gross's Neighbors--about Polish complicity in the Holocaust and the nation's refusal to own up to its anti-Semitism--into blunt-force drama, Demon takes the same theme and plays it as absurdist horror-comedy. The wedding guests as Polish society: They just want to drink and dance and don't want some guy telling everybody where the bodies are buried. And they'd rather not listen to some old Jew drone on about "society" either. The Jewish teacher is of course the only one with any clue what's going on--the man of God (priest) and man of science (doctor) are useless. The parents assure everyone everything is just fine. Nothing to see here. No reason to let the ghosts of the past trouble your collective conscience.

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