Dennis Cooper's List of 19 Experimental Horror Films

This comes from a list that novelist and cool-taste-haver Dennis Cooper recently posted on his blog, available here:

Lots of titles not currently listed on Letterboxd (I'll try to add these on TMDb when I have some time.):

A Dream of Paper Flowers (2016, dir. Leila Jarman)
Post-Mortem (2010, dir. Anthony Spacaccini)
Cassette Shock (2014, dir. Amx)
Disease of Manifestation (2010, dir. Tzuan Wu)
Free as Dead (2016, dir. Romain Perrot & Andy Bolus)
Disturbed (2009, dir. Reece and Ryan O’Connell)
Driller Queen (2017, dir. Kurt Dirt)
Funnel Web Family Refrigerated (2016, dir. Michael Higgins)
Kneel Through the Dark (2013, dir. James Batley)

  • Pig
  • Ice From the Sun
  • The Bunny Game
  • Rubber
  • Mountain in Shadow
  • Sanguivorous
  • Fuckkkyouuu
  • Atmo HorroX
  • Ghost Algebra
  • Night of the Lepus