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  • It



    I rewatched this last night and I'm glad that I did. This film really is up there with "The Mist" as excellent Stephen King horror adaptations.

    The kids are all well acted (no "Kenny's" for those Brandon's Cult Movie Review fans) and every adult is amazingly unsympathetic. The kids are the only people you can like in the entire film.

    Pennywise is a creature, which is exactly what he was supposed to be. I look forward to the sequel.

  • It



    The child actors shine while the adult versions look bored. Elizabeth Perkins as Beverly and Seth Green as Richie are both solid standouts.

    Of course Tim Curry is the best thing about the film though. I can only imagine what he could have done with Pennywise in am R rated version instead of a TV miniseries.

    Worth a watch, but nostalgia doesn't win here.

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  • Rampage



    The Most B Movie that ever B'd.

    Beginning is fun.
    Middle drags a bit.
    Last 40 minutes are a blast.
    More gore than you'd expect.
    -Monster fights/destruction a A+
    VFX A-
    Everything else... C-
    The villains are cartoonish but aren't as distracting as some of the reviewers have claimed.

    Would recommend for a good time especially for monster movie fans. This is a real PG-13 film I wouldn't recommend for kids under 12 or 13.

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    10 years of build-up, a couple dozen named characters and so much hype... so much potential that there was no way to live up to it... But it came close.

    Thr VFX, the editing, the score, all the technical aspects are top notch. The emotional impact takes time to process, because a lot happens in this film over a very brief period - its two and a half hour runtime flew by.

    The ending isn't happy, but it is satisfying.…