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  • Three the Stereotyped Way

    Three the Stereotyped Way


    Birth Year Challenge (25/36)

    A fake trailer for a blaxploitation movie starring (actors as) Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly, and Chuck Norris, directed by a stuntman. It hooked me right away with a slight against Superfly, because no one ever talks about how that movie kinda sucks, so it made me laugh. And then it’s just a very fun, very silly 8 minutes of low-budget action. I was into it.

  • Cannibal



    Hooperstar 666 Film #1
    Bonus Category: Queer Horror (1/3)

    Based on the true story of a German man who wanted to eat someone, so he put an ad on the internet and got a response from someone wishing to be eaten. It takes awhile to get going, with the cannibal being rejected over and over. But once the two men find each other, it’s a pretty adorable romance. We see them hanging out and fucking and making plans for what’s…

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  • The Haunted Castle

    The Haunted Castle


    "All we get these days are remakes and reboots! What happened to original ideas??" - film audiences in 1897

  • Face/Off



    I saw this as a cynical, shitty teenager, and hated it. Even before revisiting it, I was deeply ashamed of this fact because I knew in my heart I was wrong. I am proud of how much I have matured in the last 17 years as a viewer of cinema, and that I can now recognize Face/Off as one of the greatest films of all time.