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  • Blood Freak

    Blood Freak


    I wrote a short story about Thanksgiving and my relationship with food, and the year of miracles when I first watched Blood Freak. WHEN (not if) you want to read it, follow the link below. It's an 8 minute read. If (not when) you like it, please share it or just do whatever you do when you like things.


  • Come Drink with Me

    Come Drink with Me


    I have yet to be watching a film and gotten fully invested in a really cool, interesting character in the first half, and thought to myself, I sure wish this movie would almost entirely forget about this person and focus on an irritating side character instead. But King Hu is not the first or last filmmaker to do this very thing. I’m here to watch a fucking Chang Pei-Pei movie, and there is literally no reason for this film to…

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