Big Top Pee-wee ★★★½

Can’t believe this isn’t as beloved as Big Adventure. Was it not everyone’s deepest desire and fantasy to see Pee-wee Herman making out with a woman for like five fucking minutes? I know when I was a little kid watching Pee-wee’s Playhouse, I was always like, “I wish this guy was HORNY.”

Ok, fine, you got me. Pee-wee aggressively pouncing on a lady is very weird and very misguided. But outside of that, I thought this was quite good. Loved the farm setting, and especially the talking pig. Some excellent pig acting here. And I loved all the circus stuff, especially my favorite actress Susan Tyrrell in a small role (her character is 1ft tall). Were it not held back by the weirdness, this would be a decent entry in the PWCU (Pee-wee Cinematic Universe).

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