Black Panther ★★★★

I still think of Michael B. Jordan as being Reggie from All My Children, and now I find out that the actor who originally (very briefly) played Reggie before Jordan was fucking Chadwick Boseman! This is a movie about the Battle of the Reggies?!? OMG. If the actor who played Reggie’s adoptive father had shown up in this movie, I would’ve lost my mind. I already kind of lose it anytime I see All My Children actors pop up in stuff (Susan Lucci showed up in a Sia video recently and I started crying), and so I was definitely rooting for Jordan’s character, since he’s the Reggie I was more familiar with. Oh, and also because, like, I supported his vision or whatever. Which seemed more in line with what the Black Panther Party believed in, and I know that they are separate things, but it still felt weird to me that the good guy was a Black Panther and the bad guy was also essentially a Black Panther. But also, I am not especially knowledgeable about anything besides movie trivia, and I trust that Ryan Coogler knows what he’s doing, so I could be off on everything. I also missed stuff because the sound was not great, and on top of that, I worry now when I see movies in the theater that watching everything with the captions on at home has made my hearing lazy. Is that possible? Anyway, the women in this were the best, and the real stars of the movie. I fucking love Shuri! Also, I miss All My Children.

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