In a Valley of Violence

In a Valley of Violence ★★★★

Pleasantly simple Western story of revenge, kinda, but more about a bad thing happening that provokes someone to make another bad thing happen which causes the first person to do another bad thing, with people of varying degrees of complicity getting caught in the middle, which I’m now realizing is exactly what every revenge story is. So yeah, simple story of revenge. But with very well-rounded and well-written characters. Travolta is great as the sheriff, who is making an honest attempt at being reasonable, but is trapped by his circumstances. I loved the final moments for a man everyone called “Tubby”. He got an appreciative laugh from me when he said “I’m not even that fat!” because I’ve seen so many movies with a “fat” character who is just not that big, and it felt like that was deliberately being called out. There’s also a nice throat-slitting and a very impressive dog actor.

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