Invitation to Hell

Invitation to Hell ★★★★

Birth Year Challenge (27/36)
Hooperstar 666 Film #3

A woman goes to a costume party, but she doesn’t know it’s a costume party, so they provide one for her. Fun times are had, until the woman is drugged, and something mysterious takes place. The next morning, her friend is like “I’m so sorry, but I can’t tell you what happened to you last night, and also none of us are allowed to leave this house.” It turns out to all be part of a Druid ritual. Some people die. The dialogue is all very flat, synth music plays over every second of the movie, and even the murders are presented very matter-of-factly. For whatever reason, I kind of really loved this style and being inside of this world. Very glad I RSVP’ed to this Invite to Hell!