It Chapter Two ★★★½

Very messy and deserving of all criticisms against it, but still really entertaining as an overlong collection of horror setpieces. I enjoyed watching it (chapter 2). The ending is pretty lame, though, where they defeat the evil clown by hurting his feelings. They’re just shouting “You’re a clown!” at him, or “All you are is a thing that scares the shit out of us!” Pennywise tries to defend himself by boasting that he’s an “eater of worlds” and not a single one of these idiots call him on it, like “Name one world you’ve eaten, Pennywise! You’ve barely snacked on a small town.” They just stick with “You’re nothing but a shape-shifting spidery child murderer, nbd” and that makes PW feel small and sad. I’m sure it’s from the book, but like, make improvements then. Also, why is Peter Bogdanovich in this movie? Is he from the book?

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